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Knit a cuddly uterus

November 9, 2010

We have stuffed germs, why not knit organs? And the uterus is designed to be soft and squishy anyway!
From Inhabitots:

Tis the season for knitting warm scarves, mittens … and a uterus? You might not see human anatomy as inspiration for getting out your knitting needles, but this “cute, cuddly uterus doll” as Knitty describes it, could make a surprising DIY baby shower gift. After all, the womb is a pretty amazing organ, so why not celebrate it? Visit Knitty to find a pattern and learn how to create one yourself — fallopian tubes and all! We, of course, suggest you start by selecting an eco-friendly wool, not synthetic, pink yarn. And finish by stuffing your knitted uterus with leftover yarn or fabric scraps.

Aww, so cute! Wow, never thought I’d say that about an organ.

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