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Wordle rocks!

All of my loves – science, art, and words – combined into one! How did I not know of this thing sooner? Okay, in this case the science is actually a technology, computer programing, but it’s close enough to make me very pleased. I give you…Wordle! 

Wordle is a “toy,” as described on its website, created by IBM senior software engineer Jonathan Feinberg. It allows anyone to enter in a sample of text, and the program will analyze how often certain words were used in the text and will create an artistic interpretation of the word usage. It’s a lot cooler than I’m describing it; here’s a page from the Wordle gallery. My computer seems to be lacking something (apparently my Java isn’t up to date enough) so I cannot currently make one to show you my deepest thoughts, or a more artistic interpretation of my science articles, but as soon as I make one I’ll post it here. *edit* Hopefully this will work.

Try it out and post your results here! I’m interested to see what people come up with.