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Delicious technology

The blogger at Design*Sponge loves “a good dessert, and love it even more when the dessert is in some way clever or unexpected. so when i heard from brandy and rebecca from The Regional Assembly of Text about this typewriter cake they had at their 4 year anniversary party i couldn’t resist.”

the regional assembly of text cake
the regional assembly of text cake

the company’s friend Allison Chambers made the cake by hand.

Nom, Nom, Nom, ding*

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Cake Wars

Cue the music! Cue the splattered frosting! It’s CAKE WARS!

From GeekDad:

Cake Wrecks highlighted some great Star Wars themed cakes recently as a celebration of Star Wars Weekend at Disney.

One of the featured cakes is this amazing replica of the Millennium Falcon from Cakes by Jyl.  She claims that everything is edible.  I am not sure if I want to eat it, or pick it up and fly it around the house.  (Maybe both!)  Cake Wrecks features some other great cakes, including a Star Destroyer, R2-D2 and an AT-AT in its Sunday Sweets collection of Star Wars cakes.

In comparison to the Star Wars cakes of the non-wreck variety, you can check out some of wreck variety in the Star Wars Weekend collection.  Be forewarned:  there is a cake that indiscriminately combines features of both Star Trek and Star Wars.

Read the other cake-related posts and see more Star Wars cake pics.

 This is someone’s wedding cake. Awesome!

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Happy Birthday all you Star Wars fans

Once again brought to us from GeekDad, or rather a friend of GeekDad: a cake in the shape of a Star Wars robot. I am a big enough Star Wars geek to know this is not R2-D2, but not a big enough geek to know what the name of this robot actually is. It was created for a three-year-old’s birthday, which frankly I think is a waste since no three-year-old can appreciate just how awesome that cake is. BUT, nonetheless, this is a beautiful example of tasty art inspired by geekiness and science (fiction).

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, “Hmmm, delicious robot, aughghgh *drool*.”