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Here’s the science behind that darn dress – ScienceAlert

…As much as I dislike stepping into the fray, it is rare that the combination of art and science makes such headlines, so, without further ado…

is the dress white and gold or black and blue

In case you missed it, this dress has been blowing up the Internet and tearing friendships apart since it was posted on Tumblr yesterday. Because even though the dress is so very clearly white and gold, some people out there are equally convinced it’s blue and black.

But we’re not going to get started on that debate. We’re here to tell everyone to chill, because there’s a scientific explanation behind this witchcraft. And, much to my horror, the dress is actually blue.

Read on to find out why.

via Here’s the science behind that darn dress – ScienceAlert.

Just for the record, my friend is able to switch back and forth between seeing it both as white and gold AND black and blue. I cannot. #thatdress



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One thought on “Here’s the science behind that darn dress – ScienceAlert

  1. Am I the only person in the world who sees a blue AND gold dress? I mean I see a darker, brownish gold (about the same color of college tassel), but I wouldn’t call it black. And the main part of the dress is certainly blue in the photo, though I could see a trick of the light messing with a camera phone’s optics (not, you know, my optics) to turn a real life white dress into a blue photo dress.

    I’m trying to figure out if I’m missing something.

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