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This Gorgeous iPad Science Book Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again | Co.Design | business + design

Science is beautiful and has a child-like element, it’s time books started reflecting that more.

Ebook publisher TinyBop is creating what they call the Explorer’s Library–an encyclopedia set for the iPad generation–in which scientific illustrations become breathing, touchable worlds for you to explore. The company has just received $5 million in series A funding to build out this idea.Their first app explored the human body.

Their second takes us into interactive dioramas of the world’s biomes–2-D environments that were illustrated by Marie Caudry in Ligne claire clear line, a style defined by its simplistic, ink-traced characters devoid of additional texture. You may recognize Clear Line from The Adventures of Tintin or, more recently, The Simpsons. But the app is as defined by its interactivity as its aesthetic. Its scenes appear as mostly still, save for an occasional rustle of leaves or visit from an animal walking into the frame. Like nature itself, the environments are tranquil but alive.

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