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ColAR Uses Augmented Reality To Bring Your Kid’s Drawing To Life | TechCrunch

An older article, but still amazing tech:

colAR is the coloring book of the future. By mashing up traditional coloring books with some good ol’ augmented reality voodoo, colAR brings your kid’s drawings to life in full, animated 3d.

First, you go to colAR’s web site and print out your coloring page of choice (the free app usually comes with one option included and a few others available for in-app purchase, but their full catalog is free until July 28th). Note that you’ve got to use their coloring page templates — they didn’t make something that can magically convert just any 2D drawing to a rich, animated 3D model, or they’d be too busy sailing around on their mega yachts to be making (super rad) coloring books.

After you’ve printed out the page, bust out that old art box. Color it in with markers, crayons, or any other tool you’d normally use to do some colorin’.

Once you’re done, pop open the app, and hit the “Play” button to bring up a camera view. Hold your drawing up to the camera, and bam! It takes your work of art and wraps it around an animated 3D model. If you picked the bird, it’ll roam around the page and peck for worms. If you picked the plane, it’ll fly around as the clouds whiz by.

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