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Tea-Making Chemistry Set Turns The Art Of Brewing Into A Science [Pics] – PSFK

Have you ever stopped to watch your tea diffuse out of its little tea bag or strainer into the hot water? The dark strands of golden brown elements can be mesmerizing. And it turns out I’m not the only one who thinks that:

Whether directly or indirectly, this Glow Tea Set by designer Agustina Bottoni seems to fit in perfectly with the hype surrounding the season finale of Breaking Bad. It’s a chemistry-inspired tea brewing kit that features three flasks, handcrafted from cork, turned wood, and borosilicate glass.

The design heats and illuminates the tea by candlelight, a process which takes three to four hours. If you turn off the lights while the tea is brewing, it creates an atmospheric environment for you to enjoy until the tea is ready. The rotating flask enhances this experience by magnifying the light and creating the appearance of a living organism pulsating in the dark.

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