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A Clever Book Kids Need A Flashlight To Read | Co.Design

As a kid, I certainly remember trying to sneak some late night reading in at night after lights out. With tablets the flashlight is no longer needed, but that experience as a kid inspired Rebecca Sutherland, Hat-Trick and Knock Knock to create a book Hide & Eek!, with a fun twist:

The exciting and scary images are hidden during the day, and will only appear under a flashlight at night.

“It’s magical then when images appear that cannot be seen with the naked eye,” explains Hat-Trick’s Creative Director Jim Sutherland. “Even when you know how it works, it’s still amazing.”

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This book isn’t nearly as high-tech as the stuff I often report on, but it is a great example of how a little adjustment of light, or even angle of light, can really change the image and the whole story.



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