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At The Crossroads Of Dance And Technology: Spandex | The Creators Project

June 19, 2013

An ode to stretchy-ness:

The convergence of dance and technology has spawned all kinds of multimedia experiments, which range from the sublime (see: Merce Cunningham’s haunting projections of motion-captured dancers) to the creepily profane (see: Stelarc’s six-legged dancing spider machines).

But Mizaru, a collaboration between new media artist Aaron Sherwood and choreographer Kiori Kawai which was performed last month at New York City’s Tribeca Performing Arts Center, stands somewhere between these two poles. The real-life couple’s lofty-minded dance spectacle, which aims to explore such existential themes as “our culture’s relationship with life and death,” is hinged upon a rather sleazy material: spandex.

more via At The Crossroads Of Dance And Technology: Spandex | The Creators Project.

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