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These iOS Map Glitches Show The Warped Beauty Of Machine Error | The Creators Project

When Apple brought out their iOS Map app, it was met with quite a bit of ridicule and scorn as it transpired that the map service wasn’t quite as accurate as people may’ve liked. While the inaccuarcies and discrepancies may not have been something most people celebrate, that’s not true for Peder Norrby.

Norrby has been collating the warped landscapes, mangled buildings, and melted-looking formations that are present in the map’s 3D mode on his Flickr, showing that machine imperfections can be a thing of beauty.

It’s a recognizable world, but one that looks like Salvador Dalí may have had a hand in its creation—and it’s a similar celebration of the disparity between the physical and the digital to Clement Valla’s Postcards from Google Earth.

You can check out some of the images below and there’s plenty more on his mapglitch set.

via These iOS Map Glitches Show The Warped Beauty Of Machine Error | The Creators Project.



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