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Rick Smolan Puts Human Face On Big Data | Big Data

Rick Smolan, a photographer best known for his “Day in the Life” coffee table books says data — and what we do with it — will have a profound impact on the global community.

Smolan has just completed his latest project, “The Human Face of Big Data,” an epic production that explores the global phenomenon of digital information. Like Smolan’s previous high-profile efforts, including his book “One Digital Day: How the Microchip is Changing Our World,” which featured more than 200 tech-themed photographs taken on a single day in June 1998, “The Human Face of Big Data” is first and foremost a print-oriented project. List-priced at $50 (although Amazon and Barnes & Noble each sell it for less than $32), the 224-page book features essays and stunning photographs that show the global impact of the big data revolution.

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