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Driven By Bee Logic, A Robot Draws Giant Art | Co.Design

Busy as a bee on this holiday morning:

From your first glance, you’ll know it’s either the work of a dutiful robot or a relentless madman. In truth, maybe it’s a little of both. Mind Out is a 20-foot cube, every inch of which is covered by a single, unbroken, zigzagging line drawn over two weeks.The robot at work runs software coded largely by Mattias Jones, who was himself inspired by “a deep and abiding love of pattern.”

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Beth Kelley is an applied & digital anthropologist with an overall interest in how people engage with and are impacted by their environments and vice versa. This has manifested itself in many ways, by looking at creativity, playful spaces, built environments, and environmental enrichment, sustainability, design research, and integrative and collaborative models of learning such as through play and hands-on learning.