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Art Therapy and Autism | Adler Graduate School

Book review that caught my eye:

Art Therapy and Autism

The literature review focuses on the characteristics and epidemiological theories of autism spectrum disorder; the triad of impairments: socialization, communication and imagination; the benefits and theoretical approaches of art therapy when working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families; assessing individuals with autism spectrum disorder; and the family culture of autism spectrum disorder. Adlerian theory is the perspective upon which this literature review focuses. The literature review strives to answer the research question: do art therapy interventions and assessments improve socialization, communication and imagination in individuals with autism spectrum disorder, and in turn reduce stresses in the family culture? This researcher determines to discover effective ways of treating and assessing individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families, as the prevalence is growing at a fast pace. This researcher speculates that effective treatments for individuals with autism spectrum disorder may reduce the triad of impairments and therefore, enhance the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The results indicate that art therapy is an effective way to treat and assess individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families.


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