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Thank you

You may have figured this out by now, but I have been neglecting this blog for some time. I have decided to officially retire this blog. I have been so inspired by some of the artists, scientists, and other creators I have stumbled upon over the course of this blog. I’ve also been excited by the support and excitement about the material I’ve covered, and I hope that it has inspired people to see the integration and collaboration of art and science.

You can continue to follow my newer blog,, which looks at creating better work and living personal environments and communities through design, art, and play. I am also online as @mentalflowers on Twitter.

Thank you to everyone.



Beth Kelley is an applied & digital anthropologist with an overall interest in how people engage with and are impacted by their environments and vice versa. This has manifested itself in many ways, by looking at creativity, playful spaces, built environments, and environmental enrichment, sustainability, design research, and integrative and collaborative models of learning such as through play and hands-on learning.