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Glass Beach – nature shapes trash into beauty | Kuriositas

Oh my god, am I dreaming?! This beach full, FULL, of beach glass looks too magical to be true!

glass beach Fort Bragg

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to collect beach glass. I found these images at Kuriositas, and I was amazed! Amazed that I had never heard of this place as a California native, and amazed at how mastefully and quickly the ocean had beaten the glass down into shiny beach pebbles.

glass pebbles at Glass Beach Fort Bragg, California

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that a rubbish dump being created would, in the space of a century, become a protected area. Yet that is exactly what happened to what has come to be known as Glass Beach, just outside Fort Bragg in California.

Apparently residents used to just chuck their trash over the cliffs into the ocean below. Over the years the glass broke down, and washed back up onto the shore, better for wear.

The waves and the weather had smashed, pounded and ground the glass in to smooth, small, rounded objects – million upon million of them.

check out more pictures via Kuriositas: Glass Beach – Nature Corrects Another of Our Mistakes.

This is such a HUGE testament to the power and physics of nature, how it can take objects of various sizes, shapes, and weight and break, sand, and mold them into beautiful rounded beach pebbles.

Plus it’s just so pretty!!!! 🙂

Have you been here? Have you seen this place in real life? Do you know of similar beaches? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I went here maybe six or seven years ago during a soccer tournament, and am now planning a trip back to do research for a nature essay. Thanks for your thoughts! Glad to find your blog!

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