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Inspiration: Cascade Volcano Elevation Maps blog

topographic quilts inspired by Cascadian volcanic mountains
Topographic quilts inspired by Cascadian volcanic mountains. Photo credit Craftzine.


The mountains in the Pacific Northwest are incredibly breathtaking, often snuggled up in clouds and snow. Now somebody has come up with a way to let them snuggle us back; topographic quilts!

A Craftzine blogger “came across these neat elevation maps of the Cascade volcanoes, on the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point website. The sharply contrasting colors indicating the different elevation intervals are really cool looking. I wonder how hard it would be do do a Cascade Range quilt?”

more via Inspiration: Cascade Volcano Elevation Maps blog.

I would love to see the different volcanoes of the United States represented as quilts in one place: the Hawaiian Island chain of volcanoes, Alaska, the Cascades, or maybe throw Japan in and make it a Pacific Rim themed quilting fest! Too bad I can barely sew anything trickier than a pillow case.



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