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Gadgetbox – The most stunning iPad app so far

Who’s up for a story? I’m actually a huge fan of children’s literature, and am always up for new ways to tell stories. This is an interesting utilization of iPad technology to perform the ancient art of storytelling.

The app is called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and it is an interactive children’s book — but it’s also so much more.

It was designed by award-winning author and illustrator William Joyce and the folks of Moonbot Studios. Together these people created something they describe as both “old-fashioned and cutting edge.”

As soon as you start flipping through the interactive pages of the iPad book, you’re pulled back into the days of bedtime stories and fairytales. At the same time though, you’re perfectly aware of the fact that you’re being drawn into a wondrous narrative by a series of animated clips and interactive cues.

If you choose to, you can tap, swipe, swirl, and smash your fingers against your iPad to trigger additional animations and sounds — or you can simply swipe through the book’s “pages” and let the tale unfold as if it’s simply a well-produced short film.

more via Gadgetbox – The most stunning iPad app so far and to check out the video of it.



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