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Geek Alert! Psychedelic Led Light Paintings Created By Roomba Robot Vacuums | Inhabitat

Check out this cool light artwork created by robots:

It kind of reminds me of those marble paintings we used to do in pre-school, where the teacher would dip marbles in paint and drop them in a box with paper on the bottom, and us kids got to role the marbles around.

I disagree when this article says “Some people really do have too much time on their hands and the creators of these incredible Roomba light paintings are a great example.” I’d argue it’s a great use of time, and a great exercise in thinking outside the marble box.

These photo-crafty geeks take their Roomba robot vacuums, strap on colored LED lights and let the little devices go to town in a room, all while taking long exposure pictures. The results are psychedelic (not to mention really clean), and a whole Flickr group exists for light painters to post their shots. Here’s a roundup of our favorite Roomba light paintings.

more via Geek Alert! Psychedelic Led Light Paintings Created By Roomba Robot Vacuums | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.



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