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How game developers can predict behavior patterns through rewards

From the blog at ARS Technica:

As the video game industry continues to grow and expand, many developers and publishers are on a quest to find more cost- and time-efficient methods of developing their products, especially as budgets continue to grow for high-profile titles. A new study from researchers based out of North Carolina State University claims that they are able to accurately predict the behavior patterns of gamers, allowing developers to view what their players are interested in and create content specifically for those needs.

Dr. David L. Roberts, an assistant professor of computer science at NCSU and coauthor of the research paper, was generous enough to answer a few of our questions regarding his studies, his findings, and how developers could potentially implement these ideas into the development process. Dr. Roberts is no stranger to video games, growing up with classics such as King’s Quest and Conquests of Camelot, but now he spends the majority of his time studying them instead.

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