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Adobe Museum of Digital Media

This debuted a couple of weeks ago, and I’m only getting around to writing about it now. Adobe launched the Museum of Digital Media, and logically did so online.

The home screenview of the Adobe Museum of Digital Media

The mission of the Adobe Museum of Digital Media is to showcase and preserve groundbreaking digital work and expert commentary to illustrate how digital media shapes and impacts today’s society.

Open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and accessible everywhere, AMDM is a place to reflect on the importance and impact of digital media in our lives. The museum is an ever-changing repository of eclectic exhibits. Shows will be curated by leaders in art, technology, and business to inspire fresh conversation about our constantly evolving digital landscape.

It’s a great showcase of ideas, art, and the technology enabling these ideas to be realized. One interesting tidbit is that they tried to design the website with the physical experience of a museum in mind.

There are definitely some cool exhibits viewing right now, so poke around and leave a comment either here or on the museum’s site.



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