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Celebrating Green: As Color, As Concept, As Cause : NPR

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...
Happy Earth Day, you green marble! Image via Wikipedia

Spring is here (finally), with Easter Sunday this weekend, Earth Day on Friday, and the dandelions shooting up all over. What a great time to celebrate “Green.” But not just as a color; an art exhibit in D.C. explores green as a concept, from cause to color to commentary.

Spring is far enough along in parts of the country that it seems appropriate to talk about the color of the season: green. It’s a color that has come to take on many meanings — envy, ecology, money and more. A new exhibition at the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C., celebrates green’s symbolism. The show is called Green: The Color and the Cause.

In New Jersey, artist Nancy Cohen explored ecological green in the state’s waterways. She traveled along the Mullica River, on foot and by boat, and “spent some time meeting with marine biologists and environmentalists,” Cohen says. “The water is a brownish color because cedar trees leach into the water, and even though the water’s clean, it has a kind of tea color. As the river progresses and moves toward the ocean, it becomes bluer and bluer.”

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