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Artist Maps Computer’s UI Onto Louvre Masterpieces


Inspired and perplexed by our image-saturated culture, French artist Leo Caillard has cast the Louvre as a larger than life playlist of masterpieces.

In Caillard’s digitally rendered images, paintings display navigation elements from iTunes, iOS and Mac OS X. Museum goers flip through famous works like they would the albums of their music collection. Is it bad that we wish the Louvre really worked like this?

“We see thousands of different pictures every day in news, art, fashion, internet ads, Facebook,” says Caillard. “Everything is together without any organization. People start to lose the ability to reflect on what they are looking at.”

Caillard arrived at the UI concept after visiting Paris’ famous museums. He saw visitors looking at masterpieces for five seconds at a time, the same way they look at pictures on a mobile phone, and then move on to the next painting.

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