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Ice Instruments for Winter Concert

Who says ice can’t be pretty? How about musically pretty?

Norwegian composer and percussionist Terje Isungset will be visiting Somerset House in London between Jan. 7 and 9 to perform a series of concerts with instruments made out of ice.
The concert, titled Ice Music, is a partnership between Isungset and Phil Slocombe from Leeds, and England-based arts organization Lumen. Slocombe put together an installation inside a geodesic dome on Somerset House’s River Terrace called The Idea of North, which features archive film and footage recorded by Mariele Neudecker. Three times a day, Isungset will perform a concert in the dome made from instruments carved out of ice by Isungset in the mountains of Norway, including ice horns, an iceophone and ice percussion.

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Not to make stereotypes, but ONLY someone from an ice-filled country would get this idea; go snow!



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