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Art class: learning to draw raptors

Woodland Park Zoo is offering an art class on how to draw like a biologist. This session is on raptors

This is a cool new class for 8-16 year olds coming up on January 8: Raptors in Art.

Do you like drawing or have you ever wanted to learn how? In this class you will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at our raptor center too see some of the birds up close. Then return to the classroom to learn tricks for drawing wildlife using live bird models.

Meet the raptors up close, tour behind the scenes at our Raptor Center, and learn to draw using the raptors as live models. Register early to secure a spot:

Fee: $30 per child
January 8, 10:00 a.m.-noon.

If you live near Seattle and are interested in learning how to become a science illustrator, and are a kid (dang!), I highly recommend this class. The raptor program is excellent, and the birds are interested in people so they’ll be easy-to-work-with models.



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