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Ansel Adams, Street Photographer: 1940s Los Angeles – The Picture Show: NPR

Ansel Adams was an amazing photographer, who treated it as both an art and a science, exploring light and light-room techniques that are now taught in basic photography 101 classes. Definitely a huge influence on “nature photography.” It turns out he also studied the urban landscape, and the people that lived within…

Although well-respected by the 1930s, the famous landscape photographer could not have sustained his Sierra series, for example, if it were not supplemented by commercial work. According to the Ansel Adams Gallery: “Clients ran the gamut, including the Yosemite concessionaire … Kodak, Zeiss, IBM, AT&T, a small women’s college, a dried fruit company, and Life, Fortune … in short, everything from portraits to catalogues to Coloramas.”

more via Ansel Adams, Street Photographer: 1940s Los Angeles : The Picture Show : NPR.



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