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Bringing Art to Everyone | The New York Public Library

I LOVE this! The New York Public Library has made a good majority of their art collection available to view online. Accessing art has never been easier!

The Art Collection: Serving students, professionals, amateurs and anyone engaged in artistic pursuits, the Collection also hosts two exhibit series, Art Wall on Third and Art in the Windows. Also available in the Art Collection is a set of vertical files on artists, with exhibit catalogs and brochures (particularly suitable for information on contemporary artists).

The Picture Collection: An unparalleled visual resource for creative people in any medium, the Picture Collection contains original prints, photographs, posters, postcards and illustrations from books, magazines and newspapers, classified into 12,000 subject headings. Users may borrow up to 60 pictures at a time on any subject with a library card. Color and black & white copiers are available as well.

The Picture Collection is also Digital. More than 38,000 images are now in the NYPL Digital Gallery, and the number is growing fast.

A statue outside of the New York Public Library.
A statue outside of the New York Public Library. Image via Wikipedia

check out the Art and Picture Collections | The New York Public Library.


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