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xkcd: Showdown

I’ve been deliberating posting a link to web comic XKCD. They’re raunchy, they talk about very grown-up subject matter, and they’re not very nice. But they’re ALWAYS bringing up math and science.

Of course today’s particular web comic has absolutely nothing to do with any of that.

xkcd: Showdown.


More via xkcd: Showdown. Most are not safe for work, but they’re stick figures, so maybe your boss will let it slide.



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One thought on “xkcd: Showdown

  1. Hahaha, I too have been waiting to use XKCD for all those reason you’ve mentioned in your blog…. It’s frustraiting waiting for them to come up with something appropriate and that sparks my interest :).

    Funnily i haven’t actually been keeping up with them since i first discovered them and spent the news few days at work doing nhothing but reading the entire series of their cartoons.

    I’ll wait for an adequate comic i think. It’s good to know we’re not only interested in the same subjects but the same comic 🙂

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