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Lost for Words? Animate a Picture

This is from the corporate blog of marketing agency Waggener Edstrom’s blog that focuses on creativity and innovation in the workplace. In this post, they were discussing how technology had enhanced traditional charts, maps, and infographics have made this form of communication even more affective.

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Time was when static infographics, such as Wired magazine’s Infoporn, set the bar. They took an obscure topic and made it understandable in a one-page layout of graphCave Paintingics and text. But Flash animation has rendered a more dynamic form well suited for storytelling, visualizing data or explaining complex processes.

Traditional journalism outlets like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times have used interactive graphics to great effect, complementing their stories and setting them apart from blogs and news outlets with fewer resources. Examples include the NYT’s story on U.S. Airways flight 1549and the Journal’s series on digital privacy.

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