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National Lab Day: Artbotics

The 3rd annual Reimagining Learning: Digital Media & Learning competition is currently underway!

Today, young people are learning, socializing, and participating in civic life in dramatic new ways and assessing information in ways never before imagined. They are reimagining learning on a daily basis and are engaged in what is called “participatory learning.” The 2010 Digital Media and Learning Competition challenges designers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers, and young people to put participatory learning to work on behalf of science, technology, engineering, math and their social contexts in the 21st century.

It includes awesome entries such as Artbotics: Creativity with Art and Technology:

The program will engage high school students in learning technology, engineering and visual design through class instruction, group discussion and critiques/design reviews, visits to local and regional art exhibitions and events, guest lectures, public exhibitions and evaluations.

The program has been successful in changing students’ attitudes about programming and engineering, measured by pre- and post-tests.

There are plenty more ideas to choose from that combine art and science, so vote now! The kids’ competition is now open for submissions as well.



Beth Kelley is an applied & digital anthropologist with an overall interest in how people engage with and are impacted by their environments and vice versa. This has manifested itself in many ways, by looking at creativity, playful spaces, built environments, and environmental enrichment, sustainability, design research, and integrative and collaborative models of learning such as through play and hands-on learning.