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Robotic portraits

I was led to this post from Rebecca Horne’s Visual Science blog on Discover Magazine, about David Hanson’s work with robotic portraits: At the 2009 TED, Hanson Robotics showcased our collaboration with UCSD Machine Perception Lab (Javier Movellan, Marian Bartlett, Nick Butko, Jake Whitehill, Paul Ruvolo), work supported by Stuart Baurmann and David Hanson on our side. This robot tracks faces and sound, percieves facial expressions, and mimics the user’s facial expressions. Our belief is that understanding human expressions can help to model human empathy and enable machine empathy.

Watch Hanson Robotics’ Einstein learns about emotions, at UCSD Machine Perception Lab.

Horne writes, “Photographer Timothy Archibald and I worked closely on this project with the idea of creating portraits, and maybe a kind of family portrait, of the Hanson robots.”

Find out more about the project



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