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Science behind the art: DIY green screen/glove

From  our good friends at Make Magazine: DIY Movie Making

Today’s topic: how to make your LEGO creations dance all by themselves

Miguel Valenzuela “created a green screen glove out of some fabric and used it to animate a LEGO robot across a table. The green glove was made with green spandex and stitched together with only the thumb. It should really be called a ‘green mitten’ since it has no fingers.

I shot the video of the LEGO moving around and then moved it out of the frame. I then let the camera shoot about 20 seconds of background.

I imported the video into Adobe Premier and cut it into two segments: the glove shot and the background shot, and layered the glove shot over the background shot. I then keyed out the glove as much as possible and let in the background which matched seamlessly with the foreground.

On my second try I’d use a different material than spandex because it reflects a lot of light and creates hotspots which are hard to key out. I’d also crop out a significant portion of the hand and only key in the edges close to the LEGO.”

See the original article

Watch the LEGO dude in action.



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