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Periodic table of periodic tables

I know humans are a visual species, but this is getting a little ridiculous. From GeekDad:

Fair Use: (user:

All good geeks are aware of the prolifieration of period tables on the internet.

We at GeekDad particularly like the edible ones. Well, over at they have put together a periodic table to represent all the periodic tables on the internet. They are categorized and aligned accordingly from the Poetic Table of Elements (Po) to the Periodic Table of Video Game Characters (Vc) all the way through to the Periodic Table Jigsaw Puzzle (Jp).

The effort that has gone into this is amazing, and as a search-able tool it is great and loads of fun complete with categorization that includes: Foodstuffs, Noble Geeks and Awesomeoids.

Decide for yourself whether this is a catalog worth exploring: The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables



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