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Glowing wires

I live in the Pacific Northwest and just happened upon the website Seattle Lumin, which was featuring electroluminescent glow wires, or EL wires. The site describes these wires as an alternative “to single-use glow sticks glow necklaces that just become moopy landfill the next morning that you need to haul home.”

Working with EL wire is easy! With just a few simple tools you probably already own and about an hour of time, you can get the skills you need to create long lasting, beautiful art. We also sell kits with all the materials and tools you need to get glowing! We have upcoming workshops through August to teach you the easy basics of working with EL wire. Check here to sign up!

neon wire

They look like they’re still getting the site up and running, but I’m intrigued, and the wires definitely have potential for all sorts of different art projects. Their next workshop will be held on Saturday, March 20th, at Not A Number Cards & Gifts.



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  1. Thanks for the plug about our workshops! The one this past weekend was pretty successful, and I just scheduled another one for this Sunday.

    EL wire is really fun to work with, and I’m continually amazed by the innovative work that people come up with using the medium.

    Thanks again,

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