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Pi day is March 14th

From Scienceblogs: Every year, scientists and mathematicians geek out on Pi Day, March 14, in celebration of the universally important ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Last year, ScienceBlogs threw the first annual Pi Day Pie Bake-Off, challenging bloggers to make the most delicious-sounding pie they could and post the recipe (and pictures! the most important part) to their blog. After putting all the pies to a vote, one clear winner emerged: Spicy Pi Bacon Squared. Honorable mention went to ScienceBlogger Janet Stemwedel, who baked a total of eight delicious sounding pies for the contest with her sprogs.

In 2010, the Pi Day Pie Bake-Off returns, but this year the rules are different, the prizes are bigger, and we are excited to have a co-sponsor for the contest: food website and staff favorite, Serious Eats, whose past coverage of pies has been impressive.

This year, the contest is open to both readers and bloggers. We will post all the submissions on our editorial blog, Page 3.14, and put them to a final vote at the conclusion of the contest on March 14. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a prize of $314 in cold, hard cash. Three winners in the following categories will each receive a “Simple as 3.141592” T-shirt generously donated by mental_floss: Judges’ Pick, Most Photogenic, and Best Concept Pie. The last must be somehow representative of a concept in science or math—your choice.

To enter the 2010 Pi Day Bake-Off, first upload a photo of your pie to Photograzing on Serious Eats. Then, email your pie submission to Please include your name, blog or website if you want us to link to it, and the link to the photo on Photograzing. We will email you to remind you when your pie has gone up for the vote, so you can pester your friends to vote for you.

Let the piesta begin!

Janet's lemon berry pie


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