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Peeps in place contest

From GeekDad and National Geographic Traveler magazine: 

The Peeps in Places is happening once again! National Geo Traveler want all of their readers to send in fun photos for their Peep photo gallery. So get out your cameras! Get out your Peeps! Well, go out and buy some Peeps! Then take the Peeps along with you as you go about your day or as you go on your photographic adventures. Snap photos of them in everyday places. Those places could be mundane, interesting, picturesque or quirky. Or take them on hikes, to the theater or on a road trip. Then submit those photos to National Geographic Traveler magazine and you could find your photos highlighted on their website. For more information, visit their Peeps in Places call to action post on their Intelligent Travel blog.

To see what kinds of photos to submit, check out last year’s photo gallery. The photos there are all really clever, and some are incredibly simple. What will you come up with? Will you photograph chicks? Bunnies? Some other Peep shape? Will your Peeps be in an action shot, will they be posing in front of an important landmark or will they be hiding somewhere in the photo? I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Please let us know if any of your photos get highlighted!

Photo by Leslie Kuba, National Geographic Traveler Magazine's Peeps in Places 2009


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