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The beauty of small things

From NPR: How do you take pictures of objects that are too small to photograph? George Whitesides and Felice Frankel, co-authors of the image-heavy book No Small Matter: Science on the Nanoscale, discuss nanoscience and the process of photographing particles smaller than photons.

The authors have tried to bring the tiniest-known pieces of the universe up to a level that anybody can see and understand, and they say that with the challenges we’re facing today in energy and biotech and Internet communications, nanotechnology, which is what this new world of small research is all about, is more important than what it’s called is more important than ever.

"Fuel Cell" Image Credit: Felice Frankel
"Nuclear Reactions" Image Credit: Felice Frankel (based on original black and white from CERN).

See more photos from the book…

More of Felice Frankel’s work.



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