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Living in a material world

That’s their title, not mine.

From SEED Magazine: Through February 28th, Material ConneXion is opening its headquarters to the public in order to display the winners of the 2009 Medium Awards, their annual prize recognizing materials that have significantly advanced design, industry, and the economy.

Scientists and designers join forces at an unusual consultancy, bringing technical savvy to assist anyone in search of the right material—from faux fur to green concrete.

Anyone who makes something you can see, smell, or touch uses a material. But the search for the right material can be a fraught process, and many design professionals and companies could use a scientist’s help in matching a new plastic, polymer, or ceramic to the attributes they’re seeking. Material ConneXion is a global consultancy that seeks to bridge that gap. Founded in 1997 and based in the Flatiron district of New York City, Material ConneXion is a team of materials scientists and design specialists who find innovative solutions to problems of performance, aesthetic, and sustainability in products, according to Vice President for Materials Andrew Dent. Their clientele, says Dent, includes “everybody who makes things—architects, interior designers, people who make sneakers, fashion designers, chair designers, home appliance designers.”

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