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Friday project: How to preserve your valentine

I know, I know, I said last week that I was going to start posting poetry once a week, but fun science/art projects are sooo much easier to find links to. Besides, you were supposed to submit some of your favorite poems for me to post. Keep working on that. *wink*

From Emory University’s eScienceCommons: Are you seeking sustainable love?

Then don’t toss all your Valentine’s Day boxes after you eat the chocolates. In the video above, Emory paleontologist Tony Martin shows how to scientifically recycle them as fossil containers. You, too, can change a perishable sentiment into something to last for millennia.

P.S.: The guy’s a little slow to get started on the actual project part, but just give him a second; after all, he studies things that are long since dead and aren’t in any rush.



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