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Bringing bird songs indoors – on your iphone

As featured on Design*Sponge, an iphone app that features recordings of bird songs, with an artistic frame!

when i wake up in the morning, it’s thanks to a giant white cat stepping on my head and not-so-subtly jamming his whiskers in my nose. it’s not a pretty picture. as much as i love my cats, i would much rather wake up to the sweet chirping of birds next to my bed. but considering that the closest birds i have are a nasty gang of pigeons that congregate on the top of our air conditioner, i think i’ll have to go with the birdbox instead.

luckybits recently released a fun new product that combines a tech product (an iphone app) with an actual object (a simple paper house) to create a cheerful alarm clock. all you do is drop your iphone in the decorative box and turn on the app, that gently wakes you up to the sound (and sight) of nesting birds. such a clever idea. i’ve really enjoyed watching designers play with the iphone and find new ways to combine something digital with something physical. want to check it out for yourself?

Check out the video



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