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Last-minute Christmas present idea

I’m sure a lot of us are sitting on edge, waiting for those last minute gifts to arrive in the mail. Or, you haven’t even bought those last-minute presents yet.

Well, here’s one idea: organ donor dolls!

From Underwire: Seeking to inject a little whimsy into the deadly serious business of organ transplants, David Foox has created a line of Organ Donor Dolls garbed in hospital gowns and crowned with bulbous heads shaped like kidneys, hearts, livers and other internal organs.

The New York lawyer-turned-artist took his cue from Kidrobot Munnies and other hypercute dolls in designing the platoon of vinyl figures.

Foox became inspired to put a friendly face on the organ-donor process when he learned a family member needed a double lung transplant.

“Each of these pieces carries with it the notions of good fortune, good luck and opportunity,” he said.

These dolls designed by David Foox represent red and white blood cells. Images courtesy 323 East

The art dolls, measuring about 3.25 inches high, were featured through Dec. 18 in Foox’s solo exhibition at 323 East gallery in Royal Oak, Michigan. Qualifying as Christmas gift potential for the medical obsessive who has everything, limited Chinese Edition dolls are being sold individually for $30 or as a complete set priced at $450.


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