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Gone next week

That’s write, art and science lovers. I will be out patrolling the west coast next week, and doubt I’ll have time to post much. Plus, I have my second annual SPIE ART SHOW happening today, so I am swamped!

But as a consolation prize, some mini art of microbes for you:

Check out the whole slideshow.

As the head of the Institute for the Promotion of the Less than One Millimetre, van Egmond has created the Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic Art Forms, an online gallery of all creatures tiny and tinier. To gather his collection, van Egmond sampled organisms from anywhere he could find water, scooping up critters from urban puddles and country ditches as well as the ocean. From desmids to diatoms, he captured all the stunning features of these normally invisible creatures using a standard light microscope.



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