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DIY haunted house

cassette skull
Skull #11 ('80s Metal), 2006. by Brian Dettmer. Photo: Andrew Huff via Flickr.

It’s not too late to get in the Halloween spirit!

Halloween is almost here (tomorrow), so it’s time to get your haunted house in gear. We’ve got some suggestions for freaking out the kids (and adults) in your neighborhood in our collection of articles below.

And remember, if you have extra tips for some gruesome, ghoulish mischief, log in and share your knowledge by contributing to the Wired wiki (or here on this blog in the comments).

Choose from the following options of frighteningly easy DIY (ha-ha, had to get a bad Halloween joke in there):

1 Make Fake Blood

2 Make Fake Smoke

3 Build a Giant Spider Web

4 Download Some Freaky Sounds

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