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Perfect for Halloween: Roving pumpkin

Spook all your trick-or-treaters and keep all the candy for yourself!

From GeekDad:

GeekDad perennials Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have been thinking up neato Halloween projects forever.

Who could foret the Jack-o-Dalek, light-up Lego headless horseman or Punkin’ Cylon? Well, Lenore and Windell are at it again. This time they’ve dreamed up a simple part-Lego robot that fits inside a pumpkin. The Rovin’ Pumpkin is a simple robotic pumpkin. After a minute, its green eyes start to glow, and it creeps… moving about one foot to the left… and stops.

Click for video and more details on the spooky creation. Or just skip that and go directly to the project page.



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