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Origami explained in ‘Between the Folds’

Between the Fold
Between the Fold

I just came across a pretty awesome documentary explaining the math behind the art of paper folding, more commonly called Origami.

The blurb for the film:” ‘Between the Folds‘ filmmaker Vanessa Gould explores the expression of mathematics through origami. The film chronicles 10 fine artists and eccentric scientists who have devoted their lives to the unlikely medium of modern origami”…

Director’s statement:

“When I first learned about the curious phenomenon of fine artists, scientists and mathematicians from all over the world working in the very same medium of origami, I knew there had to be something special about it—that in the simplicity of a paper square must be hiding some untold potential for new connections and ideas.”

Check out the official webpage of “Between the Folds” to see the trailer.

The DVD became available online this week.

*Edit*: Just as an interesting side note, a team at IBM is working to create faster computers using the principles of…origami!



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