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Polaroid Pleas


More imaging, and more “old” stuff, although this time not quite as old:

Late last year when Kodak announced it would no longer be manufacturing polaroid film, there was a loud outcry by fans and photographers. Back in May, the New York Times captured some of the polaroid-angst of five photographers who love the Polaroid medium:

Here is a slideshow of the photographers plea for Polaroid (with audio)

NYT also had a related article about how “a small group of Dutch scientists and one irrepressible Austrian salesman have dedicated themselves to the task of reinventing one of the great inventions of the 20th century — Polaroid’s instant film.”

You can also upload scanned images of Polaroid pics and see others’ work here.

An art exhibit in the UK this past week featured some of the finest photos taken on Polaroid film.

Swinger, 2008, by David Bailey


So far, Kodak stands firm on its decision.

RIP Polaroid



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