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Students design swanky space hotel concept


Space tourism may face some challenges with the uncertainty over the next-generation rides into space. But that hasn’t stopped Earth designers from envisioning future space hotels for paying thrill seekers.

A robot concierge, a redesigned showerhead and a full-sensory exercise wall are just part of the Space Hotel Project created by master’s degree students in a program hosted by Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art in the U.K. The concept could theoretically attach to the international space station, so long as the growing space outpost remains in orbit.

“From personal hygiene to sleeping in zero gravity, we encouraged the students to be completely creative with their solutions so that the living conditions in the world’s most isolated hotel could be as comfortable as possible,” said Daniele Bedini, a space architecture expert who has worked for NASA and the European Space Agency on moon and Mars base designs.

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