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Special effects steal the show

From BBC News:

For many modern artists the muse lurks online, in the web of social networks, instant messages and distant friends.

Far from turning us into a nation of reclusive typists, the internet is proving to be a rich catalyst of emotive experiences and settings for playwrights to explore the age old worries of life, love, tragedy and humanity.

One of those playwrights is Lee Freeman. His first professional musical is “Chat! The Internet Musical” playing at George Square Theatre. “Using online technology gave me a reason to write a more modern, contemporary piece, which is much more compelling to the audience”

With over 2000 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, is the use of the internet a gimmick just to get bums on seats?

“When you first start writing you can’t escape that it is a bit of a gimmick,” said Mr Freeman. “But once people are in the theatre, watching the show, the chatroom environment allows the characters and the story to develop in front of them. The challenge is in making something that is so unreal into something that is real on stage.”

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