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Taking historic-looking photos

Or Andy Warhol-looking photos, or whatever…

From Discover Magazine:

Put more variety into your photography with the $700 Olympus E-620. This 12-megapixel digital SLR camera comes with a suite of built-in art filters that allow it to take pictures with the perspective-altering look captured by a pinhole camera, the retro feel of grainy black-and-white film, the saturated hues of pop art, and more. The camera’s autofocus ability is enhanced with face-detection software, and unwanted motion blur is reduced with an image-stabilization feature. The E-620 is designed to be used with standard interchangeable camera lenses; if you do not own any, for an additional $100 the E-620 comes equipped with a 14–42mm zoom lens.

Pop Art
  Saturated colors yield vivid photographs.
▪ Soft Focus
  This makes anyone look better—even under fluorescent light.
Grainy Film
  For a gritty, photojournalist-in-the-trenches appearance.
  A 19th-century vibe from a 21st-century camera.

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