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The return of 3D movies

3D films are starting to make a return into theaters. What is different now than the first binge of 3D films in the 1950s (other than the audience)?

From the BBC:

This year is seeing a comeback for 3D cinema, with every major film studio releasing a title in the format.

Even the Cannes Film Festival showed its support to the industry by allowing a 3D feature to open the event for the first time.

The film selected was Disney and Pixar’s latest release called Up, which is just one of 15 movies in 3D coming out in 2009.

It is the story of a widower who ties a thousand balloons to his house and flies away on an adventure.

Other forthcoming releases cover genres from family friendly animations such as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs to adult horror in My Bloody Valentine.

But the most anticipated 3D release is due at the end of the year from Titanic director James Cameron.

Avatar is expected to be the most expensive movie ever made – Cameron has spent much of the past decade researching and experimenting with the technique.

“You can look at a 2D version of a 3D film and see all the dumb gags that were fun in 3D but look stupid in 2D.

“Before we spent hundreds of millions of dollars making a movie, we had to say is this movie going to be in any way compromised in its 2D presentation. Because the reality is that in the short-tem DVDs are still going to be in 2D.

Hollywood is starting to catch up now that the technology is finally right for a third era of 3D.

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