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Microsculpture sculptor

This is NOT  a slow news day; this is me being super swamped at work and not having time to read any news.

As a small token of appreciation for your patience, please enjoy this interview with microsculptor Willard Wigan on NPR. He is definitely dedicated to his art, even if there is the threat of accidentally breathing it in.

Weekend Edition NPR story

Wigan “makes sculptures so small, that they’re barely visible to the naked eye. His art has to be viewed through a microscope – that’s why he calls himself a micro-sculptor. Willard Wigan has put Elvis Presley on the head of a pin. He’s perched Marilyn Monroe on top of a diamond. And this year he squeezed the Obama family into the eye of a sewing needle.”

My favorite part of the story is actually what inspired his micro-career: building little apartments for lost ants. Awwww…and how awesome that a love of nature inspired such (micro) art.

Willard was asked to appear as a guest speaker at the July 2009 world conference Technology, Entertainment, Design institute, (

Mini Marilyn
Mini Marilyn


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